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Hello. I’m a designer who loves creating product experiences that connect with users on a deep emotional level. I’m the Lead Product Designer for dscout, snow carver, husband, father, dog lover and coffee addict.


I’m a Chicago native who likes to get my hands dirty and completely immerse myself into complex design problems that can’t be Googled. I will experiment, research, revise and learn anything possible in order to solve it with a simple, clear, modern design solution.

As a designer, I’m passionate about typographic design, bringing the elegance of classic modern design to the digital landscape and creating experiences that touch users on a very deep emotional level. I believe that design — regardless of medium — is something to experience and increases the value of anything it touches.

Prior to joining dscout, I spent a few years working with many Chicago-based startups to bring their first MVPs to market. Following that experience, I led the design team at Base during a large growth period that began with a second round funding of $6.8M through a $15M Series B funding and contributed to significant leaps in the product’s capabilities.

I’m a proud coffee addict always looking for my next fix. Chicago isn’t a coffee desert by any means, however, I’ve yet to find a cappuccino that even compares to those I’ve enjoyed in Italy — but there’s still hope.

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