Base CRM - Appointments


CRM calendar integration for added productivity and automated collection of sales data.


Base is a first-of-its-kind SaaS CRM featuring fully featured apps on iOS, Android, and the web powered by a sales automation platform. Base was acquired by Zendesk in 2018 and rebranded as Zendesk Sell.

Sometime in 2011, we started thinking about how the product could enable our customers to achieve better win rates and higher outcomes. After talking to many customers and other sales professionals, we found that over 90% of them had one thing in common — they hated entering data into their CRM. They often did it at the end of the month to appease their manager. We knew we couldn’t deliver accurate, insightful recommendations unless we had good data, so we began to automate this through a few key initiatives: Email, Chat, Voice Calls, and — Appointments.

Appointments was a full calendar experience in the product. It was the last piece we needed to bring the other four initiatives together and start making sense of what was happening in a deal pipeline. Our customers loved it, with two solutions driving this response. The first was having only to use one tool instead of jumping between their CRM and other tools. The second, and most important, was not having to enter this data in their CRM ever again manually.

This project would become a critical component to acquiring the $15M Series B funding round. It also set the groundwork for Base’s sales intelligence tool, Apollo, and later automation tools that still exist in the product today.






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