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Marketing Site

A website refresh to highlight a year of new product releases through a new visual design, and content strategy.

dscout is a qualitative research tool that captures in-the-moment thoughts, reactions, and experiences as they happen. The product features a 2-sided design with a participant-facing mobile app capable of capturing video, images, text, and audio, and a researcher-facing web app used to design studies and analyze participants’ responses.

From 2014 through 2015, the team released a lot of new features in the product. Rebuilt the mobile app from the ground-up, introduced new capabilities for UX researchers to conduct studies in the web app, and introduced improvements to drive participant engagement.

While the product grew, the marketing website went untouched through those iterations. So, we used some downtime in 2015 to give the marketing site a well-deserved refresh. It featured a new visual design and content to communicate better what the product does and what the attained value is to researcher functions that use it.




Art Direction
Frontend Development

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