Tip — Gratuity Calculator

Tip — Gratuity Calculator

An unobtrusive gratuity calculator with a simple, intuitive design for iPhone and Apple Watch.


I have been designing mobile apps since the launch of the App Store in 2008. 11 years later, I finally decided to build one myself.

I wanted to build something relatively low in complexity but with enough utility to provide value to someone using it. With a simple, intuitive design, anyone using the app can calculate the tip from a bill amount, then split the total with the people they are with. Unlike many of the tip calculators on the app store, the app does not contain ads or track user data of any kind.

My tip calculator is the first app in a larger side-project that focuses on building a suite of simple apps that have utility, a great user experience, and enhance social interactions without distracting from them.


Personal Project
2019 – 2020





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Tip App - Calculate the Tip
Tip App - Calculate the Tip
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