I’m a Product Design Lead of Braintree Merchant Experience at PayPal in Chicago.

Braintree Drop-In for iOS
Braintree Drop-In for Android

Drop-In Mobile Payment Interface

Lead Designer, Braintree


For the second iteration of Braintree’s Drop-In UI, the team went back to the beginning for a ground-up rewrite. To ensure we built the right product to solve actual needs, we included end-users throughout the process by conducting initial interviews, prototype feedback sessions and usability check-ins along the way. With this upfront discovery work, plus a tight collaboration between design and engineering, we delivered a new version of Drop-In that meets our merchants needs for modularity, feature-richness, themeablity and a platform agnostic appearance to fit into their app’s visual design.


  • Gary Bramwell, Product Manager
  • Shannon Miwa, Designer
  • Luke Korth, Engineer
  • David Merino, Engineer
Expiration Date Picker

Card Expiration Date Picker

Lead Designer, Braintree


When we set out to redesign our mobile drop-in product, one of the design goals was improving the accuracy of data provided by end-users. We decided to assist the input of properly formatted data the first time instead of displaying lengthy error messages. A challenge came with the input of expiration dates of cards. Our solution to that challenge was to create our own input method designed to blend in with the feel of a system keyboard. Users could only enter valid expiration dates and maintained the input rhythm of keyboard taps. As a result, we delivered a smooth experience that allowed users to enter expiration dates in 2 taps vs the typical 4-6 taps.


  • David Merino, Engineer
Braintree Unified On-Boarding Region Availability
Braintree Onboarding Form - USA
Braintree Onboarding Form - Flow Details

Unified Merchant On-Boarding

Lead Designer, Braintree


Up until this point, merchants were boarded onto the Braintree platform with unique apps for each region. Additionally, the process to underwrite them was equally inconsistent, complex and varied by region. We discovered this to be inefficient for everyone. Over the last 2 years, the team has worked extremely hard to introduce the first phase of a single, consistent on-boarding experience for all merchants. The new system features a unified tech stack, data collection method and underwriting process that allows us to roll out new features faster across regions. At this time, we have taken 3 markets live in the new system and are currently working on more...


  • Alex Grieve, Product Manager
  • Marte Schaffmeyer, Product Manager
  • Val Aleksenko, Engineer
  • Matt Hogan, Engineer
  • KL Koss, Engineer
  • Anthony Lassiter, Engineer
  • Joshua Perez, Engineer
  • Jason Salerno, Engineer

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I’m native to Chicago’s south side, where tavern-style pizza is king, and now live in the Beverly neighborhood.

Currently, I lead design for the Braintree Merchant Experience Organization at PayPal where I collaborate with Engineering and Product Management Leads to discover, prototype and build easy to use payment solutions for a global merchant base.

I moonlight as a husband, father, dog lover, snow carver and self-diagnosed coffee junkie.


PayPal / Braintree

Chicago, IL
2016 – Present

Dscout Mobile Research

Chicago, IL
2014 – 2016

Zendesk Sell (Formerly Base)

Chicago, IL and Krakow, PL
2012 – 2014


Chicago, IL
2011 – 2012


Northbrook, IL
2010 – 2011

Freelance Graphic Designer

2004 – 2011


User Interface, User Experience & Wireframing, Web Design, Digital Identity, iOS & Android App Design, Prototyping, React JS

Clients and Collaborators

American Dental Association, American Express, Casper, Crate&Barrel, Dow Chemical Company, Facebook, Google, Groupon, Lightbank, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Samsung, Sartorius, Stryker, World Wildlife Fund


AIGA Chicago, Communication Arts, Creativity Awards, Cit/ID, Make Better Websites, Minimal Sites, Siteinspire, W3 Awards